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Cavity Wall Insulation Problems

niaCavity wall insulation can be removed. As members of the National Insulation Association, the BBA and CIGA, we are well placed to offer advice. We are very experienced in how to install cavity wall insulation correctly and how to remove cavity wall insulation if it has been poorly installed. If you are worried about how your cavity wall insulation was installed or you are experiencing any of the following cavity wall insulation problems, it would be well worth speaking to us for further advice.

Cavity Wall Insulation Problems:

  • Cold spots on external walls, possibly caused by areas of the cavity wall that have not been correctly insulated
  • Internal damp problems (caused by warm air condensing on cold spots that have not been insulated properly)
  • Mould growth (occurring as a result of the damp)
  • Damaged cavity wall insulation due to flooding
  • Wet cavity wall insulation due to defective mortar and water penetration through the outer skin of brickwork
  • Suspicion that your property may have once been filled with a urea-formaldehyde product and you are concerned about the implications
  • Your cavity wall insulation ‘hasn’t made any difference’ and you are unsure whether it was installed correctly

If you are experiencing any of these cavity wall insulation problems, there might be a problem with your cavity wall insulation. We are happy to assess this for you and, if necessary, arrange for cavity wall insulation extraction.