Solar garden light

Solar Security Lights

A Cost Efficient Alternative For Your Home

Check how many exterior lights you have on when you turn in at night. Now check how much your monthly power bill comes to for that much electricity. I bet if you add up all the expense for a six month period, it’s quite a bit.

Do you actually want to spend that kind of money when there’s a cheaper alternative? Why not try a solar security light to brighten your patio, driveway or yard?

How A Solar Security Light Works

Motion detectors are the key to a solar security light. The light comes on just as soon as any kind of motion triggers the sensors. That includes Fifi traipsing in your solar garden. Some of the high quality lights will remain shining a good 60 seconds after the last movement is detected.

You don’t need wiring with a solar security light. The fixture normally comes with a long cable. Secure the light a strategic spot, like under the eaves of your house. Then place the solar panel on the roof to catch the sunlight. There’ll be a battery included in the kit to provide energy for the light at night.

Solar Security Lights

Solar Security Lights

You can’t really distinguish a solar flood light from a regular light. But you pay a whole lot more in electrician labor costs, light fixtures, repair and maintenance with the regular lights than you do with a solar security light. The newer models offer you an astonishing 180 degree radius with coverage of up to 900 feet, enough for most driveways. They have two receptacles that allow you to easily switch the direction of the glare to any corner of your lawn. You get halogen bulbs or LED lights that give out brightness comparable to electrical installations.

Cheap and Affordable Alternative Lighting

If you’re worried about the cost of setting up a solar security light in your home, don’t be. Since you’ll be saving on the electrical wiring necessary for conventional security lighting, you’ll more that cover the cost of your new solar alternative. Electricity technicians can charge an arm and a leg for a bit of wiring work, you know.

You’ll also be conserving energy, so your power bills will reduce. Going solar is a great way to cut back on your monthly utility expenses. Every little saving quickly adds up to a fatter wallet. You could spend the extra cash on personal luxuries, instead.

This economical way of securing your home against intruders complements your solar landscape lights. In a solar garden, the brightness of individual light units may not be sufficient to spot unwanted guests clearly. But combine your solar powered garden lights with your solar security light and you’ve got it made! Your lights are bound to make any intruders think twice about snooping around on your property.

Lighting Up Your Way Home

If you’re working late at the office, it’ll probably be dark by the time you get home. A solar security light will light up your pathway as you walk home. You won’t accidentally trip over your child’s toys left outside. And you won’t be a target for a crime at your dark doorway. Many folks don’t light up this critical space because there’s a lack of electrical sockets and wiring. Criminals can effortlessly pounce on unsuspecting homeowners just as they’re about to get in through the front door. Don’t make yourself an easy target! Get a solar security light rigged up straightway!

Cheap and Affordable Alternative Lighting

Cheap and Affordable Alternative Lighting

Why not accent your pathway with lovely solar landscape lights or solar post lights that throw a warm glow? Opt for funky lights ton brighten the porch or patio. These could stay on throughout the night. Fix good solar security light above your door. Direct a number of other lights on your solar garden. There then won’t be any shadows to conceal an intruder.

Secure Your Entrances

Install a solar security light over the door to your garage. Make sure your side doors have a security light each. Don’t overlook back doors and sheds, either. Any doorway leading to your home should be brightly lit. Solar powered garden lights would not only liven up your yard, but you’ll possibly prevent criminals from targeting your home for a quick midnight raid. Motion sensors on a security light are ideal for identifying anyone approaching your garage or back door at night.

You can illuminate your pathways, doorways and entrances cheaply and efficiently with a solar power light. You’ll be relying on a renewable energy source that’s clean and free for your power needs so you save on your utilities. You can prevent criminal elements from singling out your home potential property to break into if you brighten your outdoors with security lighting. Your cost effective and self sufficient lights will provide your home with added security. So you can sleep tight at night!

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